Martin Luther King Jr.'s fight against housing discrimination recalled as national memorial is dedicated

Source: Cami Reister
Department: Grand Rapids Press

As a Realtor, Pat Vredevoogd Combs credits Martin Luther King Jr. with sparking the changes that led to laws against housing discrimination.

"There were so many things that were wrong with the system before he stood up and gave his speech and brought people to the forefront of saying the housing situation is wrong," Combs said.

In the mid 1970s, when she started in the industry, she had to operate in a system that protected discrimination.

"There were a lot of covenants in subdivisions that prohibited people of color from purchasing in that subdivision, or people of different nationalities," said Combs, who works with Coldwell Banker AJS-Schmidt.

"It was a little bit scary being an agent before those covenants were removed because you were supposed to uphold the law, and they were wrong, but they were the law."

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