GRAR International Task Force

We are in a profession that is increasingly impacted by international and multicultural communities. Each year, roughly $66 billion worth of U.S. real estate is sold to buyers residing primarily outside of the country. Foreign nationals, immigrants, immigrant clients, buyers with extended family abroad, employees of foreign corporations, multilingual families immigrants, first-generation Americans, and buyers with extended families living abroad also represent a growing demographic among potential homebuyers in all 50 states. The average international transaction produces 26% more in commission dollars than local transactions, and the bulk of the work is completed locally.

One of the most effective ways for REALTOR? associations to help members reach global buyers is to establish a Global Business Council. Some local associations refer to their Global Business Councils as International Local Councils, Committees, or Networks. These Councils are REALTOR?-driven community organizations affiliated with local REALTOR? associations that plan events, educational opportunities, and other programs to help REALTORS? identify and work with global clients.

The role of this Task Force is to research the process for establishing a Global Business Council, and to promote globally themed education, programming and networking for GRAR members

Ingrid Nelson, Chairperson
Michael Bass, Co-Chairperson
Brenda Bolin
Karen Jason-Gill
Joe Jovanovic
Wyatt Martin
Jodi Rogers
James Savino
Terry Westbrook
Bruce Bylsma, Director Liaision
Julie Rietberg, Staff Liaison