GRAR Next Generation Leadership Task Force

It is the role of this Task Force to consider and recommend methods for fostering a new generation of industry leaders that are diverse in age, culture, career experience, and gender. Ideally, these individuals will embody many of the leadership characteristics that demonstrate capability and promote trust. The Task Force will also strive to identify and develop leaders who not only give of their time to the real estate industry, but share the West Michigan spirit of philanthropy.

Karla Huitsing, Chairperson
Walter Perschbacher, Vice-Chairperson
Melanie Abraham
Mark Brace
Kate Bylsma
Jeannine Lemmon
Clint Maki
Ryan Ogle
Dan Otten
Susan Pastoor
Lloyd Reed
Stacey Ruddick
Mike Rundhaug
Jay Spencer
David Miedema, Director Liaison
Pam Dyke, Staff Liaison