GRAR Strategic Relations Task Force

It is the role of this Task Force to open and maintain lines of communication between GRAR and its Community Partners, and to explore opportunities for collaboration with the understanding that it is our collective responsibility to work together to promote West Michigan as a competitive economic zone, stable environment, and the area most capable of providing the highest quality of life in the state of Michigan.

Hines, Crista - Chairperson
Mitchell, Bryant - Vice Chairperson
Babitz, Ron
Bacon, Julie
Becker, Aurelia
Calderone, Timothy
Cooley, Karol
Courtney, Kay
Grzywacz, Daniel
Harmon, Michelle
Mitchell, Melissa
Novosad, Lisa
Pastoor, Susan
Patterson, Hattie
Pell, Linda
Robinson, Danielle
Schnittker, Janis
Witzel, Constance
Tim Katerberg, Director Liaison
Pam VanLuven, Staff Liaison