What is DEI?

DEI is an acronym for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Why is it important?

DEI creates an environment where all have a sense of belonging and mutual respect.  Seeking knowledge and meaningful conversation through a variety of perspectives and resources allows us the ability to learn from the past and work towards providing solutions for a better future.

What is GRAR doing in the area of DEI?

The Equal Opportunity & Diversity Advancement Task Force is working with Leadership and other committees to weave DEI through the fabric of our organization.  This Task Force also launched the DEFI certification series. 

How do I get involved?

GRAR’s Committee Request Form is distributed in the fall each year. This form provides the opportunity to volunteer and get involved. It lists each group, outlines the goals and objectives, and describes the anticipated time commitment.

If regular volunteer service isn’t of interest, you might consider attending GRAR events as your schedule permits to network with other industry professionals. 

Who should I contact with questions?

Any member of the Task Force would be happy to chat! Click on any image below to obtain contact information. 

DEI Task Force Members

Director Liaison

Additional Resources

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GRAR strives to promote equal opportunity and cultural diversity within the real estate industry and our communities, and to foster an association culture that embraces and celebrates our differences.