GRAR Government Affairs Committee

It is the role of this Committee to:

  • Promote service by REALTOR® members on local boards and/or commissions.
  • Organize members and boost responses to MAR and NAR legislative calls-to-action.
  • Inform members of NAR’s RPAC policies and issues.
  • Interview candidates for elective office and ballot initiative committees (if any) and make endorsement and PAC recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Monitor and review local public policy initiatives that directly or indirectly affect the membership property rights, and affordable housing and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. This can be accomplished via a key person program or some other method as determined by the Committee.
  • Host legislative events in an effort to maintain communications and rapport with elected officials (State Legislators, Kent County Commissioners, Grand Rapids City Officials, Mayors/Supervisors).
  • Research and use, when applicable, the NAR Get Active program.

Paul Bunce – Chairperson
Andrew Norden – Vice-Chairperson
Alexander Abramajtys
Russ Baker
Dave DeBruyn
Lisa Elburn
Duke Gray
Caitlin Grant
Dan Harland
David Jackson
Steve Katerberg
Tom Koetsier
Ken Kuchnicki
Jason Lash
Melissa Mitchell
Tisha Mosley
Clay Powell
Nicole Rinks
Bob Schautz
Rustin Scott
Jared Schuitema
Kim Southwick
Ed Spillers
Gene Szpeinski
Mike VanderWoude – Director Liaison
Julie Rietberg, Staff Liaison