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Grievance Committee

It is the role of this Committee to conduct investigations of issues impacting the industry, the Association, or its members.  After thorough investigation, the Grievance Committee may elect to file a formal complaint with the Professional Standards Committee.  In these instances, the Grievance Committee becomes the Complainant.

Committee Members

Dale Stuckey– Chairperson
Erin Fester – Vice-Chairperson
John Boguslawski
Connie Bennett
Yvette Blehm
Judy Brasseur
Kate Bylsma
Brian DeSmit
Laura Featherston
Chad Jurgens
Tim Katerberg
Dave Mapes
Wyatt Martin
Duffy McClelland

Cindy Minnema
Ingrid Nelson
Adam Paarlberg
Jordan Painter
Liz Rhoda
Leslie Ruppel
Ashley Schaefer
Dan Steffee
Angela Swartz
Rod Thiss
Rob Young
Paul Spica – Director Liaison 
Pam VanLuven – Staff Liaison