GRAR MLS Policy Committee

It is the role of this Task Force to enhance the nature and type of information being provided through GRAR’s current relationship with the MichRIC MLS database, including a comparison of GRAR policies versus MichRIC policies to ensure that all efficiencies that are available are being utilized.  This Task Force shall also review, evaluate, and proposed modifications to the MLS Rules, Regulations, and Policies as needed

Navid Ghavami – Chairperson
Rodney Thiss – Vice-Chair
Don Bass
Lorrae Danzig
Dave Deverman
Robert Dykstra
Scott Holwerda
Sheila Kyllonen
Cory Maguire
Dave Melvin
Bob Novosad
Chip Perschbacher
Kelley Rahilly
Janet Romanowski
Steve Sterken
Terry Westbrook
MaryAnn Wright
Mike Childress – Director Liaison
Pam VanLuven, Staff Liaison