REBar Task Force

It is the role of this Task Force to facilitate and advance the education of association members regarding the purpose and power of technology to grow and expand business and networking opportunities; and to plan and successfully implement GRAR’s annual REBarCamp:

Mike Smallegan – Chairperson
George Guyott – Vice Chairperson
Brenda Bolin
Jeremy Crump
Sally Daling
Brooke Finlan
Dan Grzywacz
Amanda Ives
Sherlynn James
Dan Moralez
Stacy Miller-Kuiper
Kirsten Nairy
Josh Nawrot
Dan Steffee
Rod Sutherlund
Greg Teegardin
Kevin TerBeek
Catherine Zeigler
Mike VanderWoude – Director Liaison
Macy Durry- Staff Liaison