Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands

(The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More than 60 Countries) by Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway


The Do’s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors

by Roger E. Axtell

Doing Business Internationally: The Cross-Cultural Challenges

Resource Book by Training Management Corporation

Multicultural Manners: New Rules of Etiquette for a Changing Society

by Norine Dresser

Gestures: The Do’s and Taboos of Body Language Around the World

by Roger E. Axtell

The Cultural Intelligence Difference: Master the One Skill You Can’t Do Without in Today’s Global Economy

by David Livermore

Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting In Around the World

by Duane Elmer

52 Activities for Improving Cross-Cultural Communication

by Donna M. Stringer and Patricia A Cassiday

Guide to Cross-Cultural Communications (2nd Edition)

by Sana Reynolds, Deborah Valentine and Mary M. Munter

Cultural Intelligence: A Guide to Working with People from Other Cultures

by Brooks Peterson

Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere: 5 Keys To Successful Cross-Cultural Communication

by Gayle Cotton

Cross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference

by Craig Storti

Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communication

by William B. Gudykunst

Managing Cross-Cultural Communication: Principles and Practice

by Barry Maude

Beyond Language: Cross Cultural Communication

by Deena R. Levine M.A. and Mara B. Adelman

Cross Cultural Communication: A Visual Approach

by Richard D. Lewis

When Culture Matters: The 55-Minute Guide To Better Cross-Cultural Communication

by Indy Neogy

Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility

by Duane Elmer

Cross-Cultural Communication: Concepts, Cases and Challenges

by Norales, Francisca O