Educational Programming Task Force

GRAR strives to provide tactical, relevant knowledge products and services that appeal to brokers, agents, appraisers, and affiliate members alike. These programs, tools, and resources shall increase professionalism, expand skills, and drive profitability and productivity. It is the role of this Task Force to identify and deliver relevant knowledge products and services to GRAR Members. Visit our Education & Events page for any GRAR events.

Bill Pearl – Chairperson
Bev Boerman
Howie Boeve
Pete Bruinsma
Dawn Buursma
Patricia Caston
Alix Criswell
Teresa Hoffman
Melissa Homewood
Tina Johnson
Synia Jordan
Liz Opatic
Walter Perschbacher
Robert Reid
Trish Round
Pam Schwallier
Melissa Thompson
Becky VanDokkenburg
Mike Rundhaug – Director Liaison
Brittany Smith, Staff Liaison