GRAR Designations and Certifications

Logo Final - SmallerInternational Real Estate Practitioner (IREP)

This certification program is offered by GRAR to assist its REALTOR members in enhancing their services to international buyers and sellers. These types of transactions are typically different and more complex than domestic transactions. Global business includes transactions with foreign nationals, immigrant clients, buyers with extended family abroad, employees of foreign corporations, multilingual families, and other groups residing in communities in every state. Members who have received IREP certification have undergone specialized training in cultural diversity, international financing, immigration law, taxation law, and more. Only those who have completed six sessions of study focusing on these areas are entitled to use the International Real Estate Practitioner name and logo.

Master of Brokerage Principles (MBP)

This certification is presented to GRAR REALTOR® members who have completed enhanced education specifically aimed at the Designated REALTOR, owner or manager of our brokerage firms whose role is much more complex than that of a salesperson. Members who have received this certification have undergone specialized management training in best practices, key issues facing broker/owners such as office policy manuals, E&O claims, LARA audits, trust accounts, ABAs, cyber security, fraud protection, supervisory issues, and more.

Master of Agent Principles (MAP)

This certification was designed by GRAR to highlight those areas that are crucial to the success and reputation of real estate salespersons, such as: advertising in accordance with state licensing requirements, submission of listings to the MLS, writing competitive offers using standard clauses and addendums, understanding the rights of a seller in multiple offer situations, navigating issues that arise during inspections, ensuring that unlicensed assistants don’t expose the salesperson or the brokerage to risk, and, most importantly, recognizing the importance and benefits of maintaining strong working relationships with competitors. Completion of the MAP certification is one more way that licensed salespersons may raise their personal bar of professionalism and show their clients that they serve with integrity.

Diversity, Equity, Fair housing, Inclusion (DEFI)

This certification was designed and is offered by GRAR to promote a culture in which we build more inclusive and equitable communities.  DEFI Advocates understand the importance of embracing diversity on both a professional and personal level.   Recipients completed a 3-step process consisting of an in-depth Implicit Bias and Diversity Workshop, a Fair Housing Fundamentals Course, and an immersive online simulation training program entitled Fairhaven, produced by the National Association of REALTORS, that uses the power of storytelling to help members identify, prevent, and address discriminatory practices in real estate.  This innovative online experience is inspired by real stories.

Society of Distinguished Real Estate Professionals (SODREP)

This award is presented to GRAR REALTOR® members as a once-in-a-lifetime award. Members are eligible when they have maintained ten years continuous membership in GRAR, served their community for three or more years, closed a minimum of 15 million dollars in sales (over a ten year period), earned and maintained two MR/NAR educational designations, are actively involved in politics and have served five or more years on a GRAR committee or on the Board of Directors.