GRAR Staff Roster

Executive & Administrative Staff

NAME Position & Responsibilities Contact Info
Julie Rietberg

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aligns the company, internally and externally, with the organization’s business plan; management and oversight of the financial, MLS, and administrative operations; compiles and monitors industry trends and statistics; and coordinates the organization’s advocacy efforts.

Staff Liaison to: GRAR & MLS Boards of Directors, Finance Committee, Government Affairs Committee,  Legal Action Committee, Professional Standards Committee, and Chapter Advisory Groups.

e-mail Julie
(616) 940-8200
Pam VanLuven

Sr. Vice President

Management and oversight of the day-to-day operations and governing documents; personnel management in areas of customer service and MLS integrity; ombudsman for matters of professionalism and industry standards; and facilitation of the Greater Regional Alliance of REALTORS® Leadership Academy (GRARLA). Administer GRAR’s Member Safety Program and draft/distribute safety alerts.

Staff Liaison to: Candidate Review & Development Committee, DEI Task Force, Grievance Committee, West Michigan Regional Forms Committee, MLS Policy Committee, Chapter Advisory Groups, and the Safety Task Force.

e-mail Pam
(616) 940-8226
Kelley Lash

Director of Finance

Responsible for managing day-to-day activities related to financial operations, accounting, human resources, and shareholder records.

Staff Liaison to: Finance Committee

e-mail Kelley
(616) 940-8212
Sue Jenkins

Executive Assistant & Professional Standards Specialist

Administrative support to the CEO, Sr. Vice President, and GRAR and MLS Boards of Directors. Also responsible for Professional Standards administration.

Staff Liaison to:   Professional Standards Committee

e-mail Sue
(616) 940-8214
Brittany Smith

Director of Multi-Media & Education

Responsible for GRAR print, web, and social media communications and promoting the REALTOR brand. Maintains a social media strategy; designs and develops multimedia presentations and publications. Creation/distribution of the weekly mailings. Oversees educational programming.

Staff Liaison to: Education & Professionalism Task Force

e-mail Brittany
(616) 940-8236
Krissie Entsminger

Director of Events & Community Outreach

Responsible for organization and implementation of events within GRAR’s operations; plans, schedules, coordinates and markets events; highlights member volunteerism and promotes community involvement; administers the Schoolhouse Program and the REALTORS® Property Crisis Fund; schedules and leads the Forewarn training sessions.

Staff Liaison to: REBar Task Force, YPN Advisory Council, Community Involvement Task Force, and the Crisis Fund Task Force.

e-mail Krissie
(616) 940-8208
Anna Palma

Financial Services Specialist

Responsible for daily financial receipts, MLS accounts receivable (including monthly charges and invoices), annual and prorated membership dues.

e-mail Anna
(616) 940-8209
Jen Sochanek

MLS Processing Specialist

Customer Service and MLS administration – oversight of new GRAR listings

e-mail Jen
(616) 940-8208
Dana Tosh

Membership Administrator

Responsible for maintenance of membership database, including, but not limited to, new member applications and orientation, new brokerages, firm transfers, membership terminations, postal and email address changes, requests for good-standing letters, etc.

e-mail Dana
(616) 940-8218
Emmi Connick

MLS & Customer Service Specialist

Customer service, phone reception, and MLS administration – oversight of pending/closed sales and changes to GRAR listings.

e-mail Emmi
(616) 940-8200

Information Services Staff

NAME Position & Responsibilities Contact Info
Rick Baumann
Director of Information Services

Provides strategic and tactical oversight of the organization’s and membership’s technology needs; oversight of internal technical operations; member support and training; Tech Doctor (virus protection, identification, clean-up).

e-mail Rick
(616) 940-8204
Kristy Lubbers

Technical Services Specialist

Helpdesk support for MLS (policies, Flex, ShowingTime, RPR, DotLoop, Zipforms); member hardware and software; oversight of MLS administration; MLS training.

e-mail Kristy
(616) 940-8203
Larry Amond

Director of Application Development

Systems support, programming applications for systems and website functionality.

e-mail Larry
(616) 940-8283
Brian Miller

Applications Programmer

Database programmer for member records, internal MLS administrative programs, financials, and other internal/external needs.

e-mail Brian
(616) 940-8204