Licensing/Membership Information

Interested in joining the real estate trade? Wondering what you need to do in order to become a member of GRAR, or what different types of membership exist?  This page will provide you with all the information and links you need to get started!

What Do I Need to Do to Obtain My Michigan Real Estate Salesperson or Broker License?

Please download and follow the steps contained in this Michigan Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Guide (PDF), or Michigan Real Estate Associate Broker Licensing Guide (PDF); made available by the Michigan LARA Office.  If you are becoming licensed for the first time, you will need to identify a broker with whom you wish to affiliate since a real estate salesperson in Michigan is not able to act independent of a licensed broker.

What are the Different Types of GRAR Membership?

1.  REALTOR® Members

REALTOR® Members are individuals who are licensed under or affiliated with a Designated REALTOR® member. The term REALTOR® is reserved for those individuals who complete the entire application process, which includes application, application fee, Orientation, and an online comprehension test (this test focuses on self-study and utilizes an open book method. Students learn about issues such as complying with the Code of Ethics, application of fair housing laws, the operation and procedures of the MLS and antitrust laws, and more).

When you are ready to submit your application for REALTOR® membership, please click on this link to complete the online application.

For a complete membership packet, including a sample application, click here:  New Member Application Packet (PDF).

2.  Designated REALTOR® Members

A Designated REALTOR® is a REALTOR® who is licensed as a broker. She/he serves as the primary supervising broker for, and is often the owner of, the company.  If you are a broker who is interested in Designated REALTOR® membership, please download our New Member Packet for Designated REALTORS® (PDF). Questions? Email Dana Tosh for more information.

3.  Affiliate members

Affiliate members are those individuals who are interested in the real estate business as salaried employees of banks, savings and loan associations, abstract and title companies, public utilities, educational, governmental, or other similar organizations, but are not engaged in real estate activity on their own account or in association with a licensed real estate broker, and who are in the sympathy with the objects of the Association.  Interested in becoming an Affiliate Member? Please download our Affiliate packet (PDF) that contains information on the benefits of membership and application instructions.

4.  MLS Only (full) Participants

MLS Only Participants are individuals who are REALTOR® members, in good standing, of a local Board/Association of REALTORS® (other than GRAR) in Michigan, and who are interested in having full access to GRAR’s MLS for a monthly fee.  Interested in becoming an MLS Only Participant?  Please download our MLS Only Application Packet (PDF).

5.  MLS List Only Participants

MLS List Only Participants are individuals who are REALTOR® members, in good standing, of a local Board/Association of REALTORS® (other than GRAR) in Michigan, and who wish to submit listings to GRAR’s MLS for a per/listing fee.  Interested in becoming an MLS List Only Participant? Please download our Listing Only Application Packet (PDF).

Real Estate Schools
For a list of real estate schools and classes being offered near you, please log on to Michigan’s Course Offering Search.

I Want to Know How I Can Verify My Agent’s Real Estate License
Verifying your agent’s license is easier than ever before, thanks to LARA’s online license/registration verification webpage. Simply click on the link and type in your agent’s name or license number to receive instant verification.

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