12 Questions to Ask Your Inspector

Disputes over property condition and repairs can kill a deal in a hurry. Take the time to schedule inspections and nail down the condition of the property as early as possible to allow adequate time for resolving any issues that might arise.

Here are 12 questions that you should ask your home inspector:

1. Are you a member in good standing of a professional inspectors’ organization?

2. Are you licensed?

3. What systems (plumbing, heating, electrical, etc.) will the inspection include?

4. How long will the inspection take?

5. How much will the inspection cost?

6. May we accompany you on the inspection?

7. Do you have references?

8. Do you carry errors and omissions insurance?

9. What is your specialty and what sort of continuing education have you completed?

10. Do you provide a written report at no extra charge?

11. Does the report include estimates of repair costs?

12. Does your company also do repairs when you find problems? Note: If the answer is yes, it may indicate a conflict of interest.

Source: National Association of REALTORS®