Why West Michigan

57 Reasons To Live, Work & Play in West Michigan

Every community has its own vocabulary — the names and places that make it feel like home. Here’s an insider’s look at the history, culture, and special character of a place called West Michigan. By the time you’re done reading, you should be able to find us on The Mitten, name some of our beautiful beaches and local celebrities, describe the function of the Fish Ladder, and identify why dentists have a special place in their hearts for Grand Rapids. For extra credit: what world-famous architect designed our downtown amphitheatre?

Featured Reason to Love West Michigan

Why West MichiganEastown

For decades, Eastown has been the epicenter of Grand Rapids’ alternative scene. On any given morning, you can find a good selection of the city’s movers-and-shakers, young entrepreneurs and students meeting for coffee and a quick bite at one of its trendy coffee shops and unique restaurants. Suburban moms enjoy afternoons shopping in the local boutiques, finding vintage clothes, antiques and metaphysical offerings. Later, the area comes alive with nightlife…check out a Mulligan’s Stew (of the potent flaming liquor variety), live music and late-night hot dogs.
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