The Committees & Task Forces of GRAR


Over the past years, the GRAR culture has wrestled with a number of issues that revolved around the proper role for volunteers and staff within the Association's scope of operations and governance. As a result of the Association's approval of a 2009-10 Business Plan, GRAR examined its leadership and governance structure in order to create a more appropriate, nimble, flexible and strategic organization. One area of focus was to create a more functional and well-defined volunteer service model.

In its desire to provide a more satisfying experience for the volunteer members in terms of time spent and impact of the volunteer members' contributions, GRAR has created task-specific groups (in addition to certain existing, standing committees whose objectives contribute to our purpose) that assist the Association in meeting the challenge of supporting its members.

These committees and task forces help the Association act as an invaluable resource in helping members reach their own goals and objectives - an Association that is proud to be a part of its members' business and career solutions.