6 reasons why homeowners need a Realtor® to negotiate the sale

Posted on August 18, 2023grarteam

Everyone wants to save money. It’s why we look for the best prices at the grocery store, when we’re buying something online and especially on big ticket items. And there’s no bigger ticket than your house.

Many homeowners, especially those in a hot market, think it can be easy to go the For Sale By Owner route and save paying at least a portion of a commission, thereby pocketing thousands of dollars in the process. Under other selling conditions, it is hard to gain the momentum you need to go FSBO.

The idea that you can do it yourself can really end up costing you in the long run.

Here are 6 reasons that you should never consider selling without a member of the Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors® on your side.

Evaluating the data: The market changes daily by region, neighborhood and house. Your Realtor® will be in tune and in step with what is happening and where the trends are headed. You could be missing key information that sets the asking price for your home. Online home sites can be great for providing a value range, but the data is dated so only a Realtor® has the necessary expertise how to list your home effectively.

Assessing the residence: Homeowners often overlook areas of their home, either on the exterior or the interior, that need some TLC to not be flaws for potential buyers. A little time and effort spent cleaning, making repairs or trying to stage your home makes a big difference.

Marketing and name recognition: Your Realtor® will have a plan to market your home and appeal to the right segment of buyers. Sure, you can place a for sale sign up, but a savvy Realtor® has more to offer than a simple listing. They have past clients who could be looking for a home like yours, word-of-mouth among their colleagues and some are instantly recognizable with a following because of the type of properties they frequently list.

Controlling the process: This is where another area where a Realtor® saves you a massive amount of time and multiple headaches. Someone must field the calls, arrange showings, hold open houses, gather feedback from agents and the list goes on and on. It’s the behind the scenes moments that make the transaction happen and your Realtor® will take care of it all.

Understanding the offers: Offers can look alike, but a Realtor® will evaluate and point out their nuances and help sellers understand which deals are most attractive for them. There are contingencies, questions of possession, differences in buyer financing and more that can separate offers. The biggest offer isn’t necessarily the best, and your Realtor® will be there to assist you while taking emotion out of the equation.

Negotiating the deal: After guiding you through the offers, your Realtor® can bring expertise on how to craft a counter-offer or solve a potential problem. Agents are always looking one step ahead to make sure a deal puts you in position to achieve your goals. They’ll point out where it may help you to be flexible but also have your back when you stand firm.

A Realtor® will pull everything together to make the sale of your home as efficiently and as stress-free as possible. Your agent will alleviate the pressure that sellers can feel and serve as a wealth of knowledge and leadership during the process.

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