Thinking about moving? Here’s how to know when to sell your house

Posted on July 13, 2023grarteam

There are certainly seasonal trends when it comes to buying and selling homes, but experts say when it comes to selling, there’s more to the equation than the calendar.

There is no doubt that from March through July is a hot time as buying trends often mirror the end and start of the school year. A majority of sellers decide to list between spring break and the close of classes because summer provides time for moves. The timing also promotes motivation for getting a purchase completed before classes resume.

But an argument can be made there’s only one perfect time for homeowners: When you’re ready to sell. Life circumstances should drive your decision, according to members of the Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors®.

Consider these basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to move?
  • Do you need to sell due to family, job or financial considerations?
  • Are you prepared to list the house and make temporary lifestyle changes to attract buyers?
  • Have you found a house to move to?

If you’ve determined it’s time to sell, there are still circumstances that can drive when to list your home, Realtors® say. One GRAR agent was working with a client who didn’t prepare their home for sale until July, and the home wasn’t air-conditioned to beat off the summer heat. After noting that could turn off buyers, the seller and agent agreed to hold off on listing.

Another example of timing making an impact, an agent said, is that it’s not beneficial to West Michigan lakefront homeowners to list a house at the end of the summer after it’s been used all season. Buyers are more eager to buy that home in the spring and have access to the water.

Assuming you’re prepared, here are other areas on which to reflect and actions to take:

Contact an agent: Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors® are ready assist sellers and advocate on their behalf. Only licensed agents understand the market, the buyer demand and how to price your home.

Housing Inventory: West Michigan has been at historically low levels of houses on the market for more than a year. That makes it a prime time to sell now as buyers are available and ready to pounce on listings. However, that’s also when you’ll face the most competition to sell.

Buyer demand: As noted earlier, more people are house-hunting during warmer months, so you’ll have a larger pool of buyers. That, however, shouldn’t prevent you from selling at another time.

Beat to market: Take the big picture view of your situation. If you’re not ready now – but you will be soon – maybe it’s time to look toward beating the rush next March. Take guidance from a Realtor®. Make any improvements necessary and then get in the game while others are still waffling and making their decision.


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